MPWU is a lead ministry for the implementation of national physical infrastructure and utilities initiatives. The following highlight the role the ministry is playing:-
  • Identifies and provides initiatives and inputs in the construction and maintenance of roads, causeways and outer islands airfields;
  • Implements and provide inputs in the construction and maintenance of government owned buildings including offices and residential housing;
  • Implement and carry out coastal protection for public and government owned assets and community adversely affected by exceptionally high tides and flooding.
  • Implement and provide inputs into the water and sanitation protection and improvements initiatives for the urban and outer islands communities.
  • Has responsibility for the supply and distribution of fuel in Kiribati.
  • Has responsibility for the generation and distribution of power, either conventional or renewable.
Recent Updates
  • MHMS Te Meeria Upgrade Project (ImpleImented Building Projects 2014 - 2015)                      - Project Summary....The project is implemented by MPWU on behalf of the client MHMS. The project has two components...read more!

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