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Water and Sanitation Unit

The Water and Sanitation Engineering Unit (WSE) is responsible for ensuring that the people of Kiribati have sufficient access to reliable, safe water supplies and safe sanitation facilities and practices.

Strategic objectives to achieve including;

  • Consolidation and coordination of national water quality monitoring programs
  • Implementation and enforcement of water protection and conservation measures,
  • Improved national plus enforcement and coordination mechanism in protecting water quality and quantity.

Currently water and sanitation unit is overseeing a number of on-going water and sanitation-related projects activities that are funded and organized by various donor and agencies including;

  1. Kiribati Adaptation Project (KAP),which is now in its third phase (KAPIII), whose goal is to strengthen the resilience of Kiribati against Climate Change by supporting efforts to improve access to safe water,
  2. South Tarawa Sanitation Improvement Sector Project (STSISP) whose overall objective is to help improve the health of communities in South Tarawa through the provision of safe sanitation facilities and services,
  3. Kiribati Water and Sanitation Project (KIRIWATSAN) is in Phase 2 (under EU funding) aims to provide better access to safe and sustainable water and sanitation, and reduce WASH-related diseases,
  4. USA-SPREP-Kiribati – a project that focuses on the adaptation of Kiribati to the impact of Climate Change is being implemented of installing water hand pumps (Tamana and Marakei designs) in certain villages,
  5. Outer Island Food and Water Project (OIFWP), by the International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD).


For more information you need to know..Contact anyone from this Unit.

Phone Number:- 26192/26105/26142/26143, Extention Number:- 231/234


Riteta Iorome:- OIC Water/Sanitation Engineering Unit                                     

Taina Temwakei:- Water Monitoring [Water Reserve]                                

Keebwa Teremita:- Water Sanitation Foreman [Incharge for Outer IslandTechinician

Maiango Enota:- Water & Sanitation Superintendent                                                                                                         


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