Kiribati’s leading inspection team: Quality Control Unit

Quality Control Unit is a new division within the Ministry of Public Works and Utilities. It was officially established in 2013 with its mission to provide thorough inspections to infrastructure developments in Kiribati.

1.       Service:

a.       Provide quality assurance and quality control inspections to infrastructure developments to ensure they comply with the following documents:

                                                               i.      Building Act 2006

                                                             ii.      Kiribati National Building Code

                                                            iii.      Approved construction drawings and specifications

                                                           iv.      Other relevant construction and design standards

b.      Assess applications for Building Permits – refer to Building Permit Form for assessment criteria

c.       Assess construction skills of building contractors to ensure they are capable to lead and execute construction projects


a.       Nuati Lotolua for applications for Building Permits and inspections to civil work

b.      Paul Takabiri for  new and upgrading developments on South Tarawa

c.       Ereata Kaakau for inspection to new construction and maintenance activities on Southern Kiribati Islands

d.      James Tetaua for inspection to infrastructure developments on Central Kiribati Islands

e.      Kaimatang Teresia for inspection to developments in the Northern Kiribati Islands


3.        Do you want to build up your reputation and get certification for your construction projects?

 Contact anyone from this unit on this email address:- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and they will provide you with the service and information you need to know!