Without this sub-division, the government (MPWU) process/progress would be a mistake.

However, the Account’s goal and mission for the Ministry of Public Works & Utilities is to ensure that strengthen of internal control would be maintained regularly, such as the followings:

  • Safeguard the assets of the Ministry – reduction of material/financial loss
  • Check/enhance the reliability and accuracy of accounting/financial papers/data
  • Adhered to all managerial policies; NCS, Financial Regulation, Procurement Act and others
  • Prepare a transparent financial report to SecMPWU and others within the MInistry

Service and Contacts:-

Full Names Designation Service
Korotaake Baraniko Payroll Account Officer Salaries, Overtimes, Allowances, Leave Grant including Repatriation  
Kaobunang Takeata Maintenance Account Officer Rendered Payments of Government buildings and residences, including Nippon Causeway expenditures


Taouea Babatara Imprest Account Officer Imprest and Traveling Claim, Departmental Warrant (DW), ATHKL, PUB, PVU, BETIO GAS and Clearance of Outstanding.


Tiotaai Tio Recurrent Account Officer All Payments for the MPWUs’ need.


Oritaake Beretia Project Account Officer

All MPWU Projects activities


Beiauea Taake Cashier Account Officer Rendered Receipt to Client, Collect and Deposit of MPWU Revenue including Nippon Causeway Fund


Teitikai Taumarea Accountant Assist and monitor the Projects inflow/outflow and verified Cashier prior deposit to ANZ Bank
Peter Eritara Senior Accountant Control and Monitor the Recurrent and Project revenue and expenditure budget, and all matters of Account Section


Thus, for other information, further assistance and complains please call 26192 during office time or direct mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and your call would be adopted/attended.

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